Estimated Annual Percent Change (beta version)

This tool application can generate three types of tables and two types of graphs related to trends.

The first table describes the number of cases per year.
The second table describes the Age Standardized Rate (ASR) per year.
The third table describes the Estimated Annual Percent Change (EAPC) and its % confidence interval in the specified period.

Each type of table is returned for each sex value in the data file. Each table presents the indicators for the existing groups in the data file.

The first graph is plotted for each group introduced in the data file and shows the time trends per sex.
The second graph is plotted for each sex value in the data file and shows the EAPC and its confidence interval per group.

Groups having more than 1/4 of the age-adjusted rates equal to zero will not be plotted.

Methodology (PDF)

Files must be ASCII type ";" separated and unquoted values (i.e: ".txt" or ".csv" files).

Variables included in these files must be in the following order:

Data file (click here to view an example):
a) sex: 1=Male ; 2=Female ; 0=Both sexes. It is not necessary to include all the categories.
b) ID of the age group.
c) year: Year or reference year (in case of period). You need more than two years or period to make the calculations.
d) group: Name of the groups to study. For example, when studying cancer sites it could be "Bladder", "Pancreas", "All sites",...Or when studying a pathology by geographhical areas it could be "Italy", "France", "Spain"...
e) cases: Number of cases in each group.
f) population: Population at risk corresponding to each group.

Weights file (click here to view an example):
a) Age grouping must be matched with that from the of data file (defined above).
b) W: Weights of the reference population (must sum 1).
Note: You can rename the "W" column to your preference.

Starting//Ending year: The starting and the ending year or reference year for the analysis.

Confidence value (1-α): The confidence value to calculate the confidence interval. It has to be between 0 and 1 (usually 0.95).

NOTE: This process could take a few minutes!

Warning: file size must be less than 10MB.

Data file:

Weights file: